The Group's services include various supply chain activities, including: transport of goods, storing containers, logistics services and Added Value jobs, distribution of goods and accepting return of purchased goods, Logistics on Site, etc. Moreover, the Group provides unique solutions in the security field implementing such measures as the SmokeCloak System for property protection. The system is designed to proved protection for sites, such as: logistics centers, shopping centers and stores.

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Tevert's Services

Transporting goods from ports and factories to various destinations throughout the country.

Storing Full Container Loads (FCL) post receipt of the permit from customs.

Emptying of the containers, import and preparation for export.

Logistics services, such as: unloading of goods, disassembling pallets (as needed) and sorting of goods, identification of goods, quantitative examination, completeness test, damage/inconsistencies report, Quality Control (as needed), storage at normal temperature with the use of computerized Temperature and Humidity Control systems, Inventory management and control, Inventory renewal, gathering of goods, packaging and preparing shipments, loading of goods, etc.

Added Value jobs, such as: palletizing and re-palletizing goods; packaging and re-packaging of goods; placing, removing and changing labels; preparing kits; localizing goods specifically for the Israeli market (by means of exchanging electric cars, adding instruction manuals and/or operating manuals in Hebrew, etc); shrink wrapping of goods; installation, testing and repair of equipment; handling return of purchased goods; and many more.

Nationwide distribution of goods (including installation of equipment at client sites).

Logistics on site.

Transportation and Distribution

שירותי הובלה והפצה

Storage and Handling Containers

אחסון וטיפול במכולות

Logistics Services

שירותים לוגיסטיים

Added Value Jobs

לוגיסטיקה באתר הלקוח

Handling Returns

טיפול  בהחזרות

Onsite Logistics

טיפול  בהחזרות