Tevet Group

All beginnings are difficult

אודות קבוצת טבתאודות קבוצת טבת
In the beginning, Dado and Lucian, having no start-up capital, had to take care of the business entirely by themselves...

During that period Dado and Lucian could not afford to withdraw salaries from the business, and that is how Dado ended up working the night shift as a security guard at a retirement home, going back to the Moshav (a type of settlement) shortly before sunrise, and opening the warehouse doors soon after...

Eventually, when Dado arrived at the bank carrying a check for several hundred thousand NIS, the branch manager approached him. She announced that the bank could no longer extend the business' credit limit. Dado, who up until that moment did not have a chance to put a word in, handed her the check, smiling. "What is that?" asked the branch manager and stared at him in amazement...

Tevet Group

Today, Tevet Group provides advanced logistics services, as well as a variety of supply chain solutions through its four companies: Tevet Ashdod Terminal Ltd., Tevet Kessem Site Ltd., Tevet Storage & Logistics Ltd. and LGI Security Ltd.

The Group operates Logistics Centers on three unique locations across Israel, adjacent to ports, airports and main transportation routes.

The Group's management is situated in the "Lev Ha'aretz" Park at the Kessem Interchange.


Tevet implements a Warehouse Management System (WMS), terminal systems as well as barcode scanners. The reach trucks at the Kessem Site contain WMS interfaces which allow Remote Control navigation and a sophisticated Object Recognition system designed to prevent damage to persons or other instruments.

Tevet's air-conditioned warehouses include High Density Storage with a “Pallet Runner” system that stores and retrieves pallets using Remote Control.


Tevet has about 400 employees and puts great effort into the professional development and administrative training of its employees.


Lucien Mesika Lucien Mesika President A visionary and entrepreneur. Group president and founder. His values guide the group. Ran a successful farm at Moshav Hagor until he was forced to seek his livelihood outside the agricultural sector. Owner of Tevet
Dado Mesika Dado Mesika CEO A visionary and entrepreneur. Group CEO and founder. Grew up with Tevet and played a variety of roles in operations and management. Graduate of Procurement and Logistics Management Senior Center, Bar-Ilan University. Owner of Tevet.
Eli Itzhakov Eli Itzhakov VP Supply Chain Science degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, in 1986. Academic Coordinator of the Procurement and Logistics track, Center of Continuing Education, Bar-Ilan. Editor of "SC Magazine".
Galit Bahar Galit Bahar VP Administration and Personnel Employed at Tevet since 2000. Performed a variety of roles in administration. Personal Assistant to the Group CEO. Graduate course in Warehouse Operations, Quality and Excellence in Management.
Eli Azulai Eli Azulai VP Operations and Procurement Employed at Tevet since 2008. Worked at Eurocom Communications as logistics and procurement manager. Graduate courses in Warehouse Management and Procurement Management, Institute of Productivity.

Logistics Sites

Tevet Group operates Logistics Sites in central locations across the country, conveniently accessible to Israel's main transportation routes.

Ashdod Site

מתחם אשדוד טבת

The site is located near the Ashdod Interchange, with easy access to Ashdod port, the Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6), and Geha Road
(Route 4).

The site occupies an area of approximately 6 acres (25 dunam), and includes a container terminal, free-warehouses, and yard operations. The container terminal occupies an area of 10,000 square meters (approximately 2.5 acres) and the free-warehouses' storage space is spread over 9,600 square meters (approximately 2.4 acres).

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Kessem Site

מתחם קסם טבת

This site is located in the "Lev Ha'aretz" logistics park near Kesem Interchange and not far from Ben Gurion International Airport. This site is easily accessible from the following routes: Trans-Samaria Highway (Route 5), Trans-Israel Highway (Route 6), "Quarries Route" (Route 444), Geha Road (Route 4), and Ayalon Highways (Route 20).

The site covers an area of approximately 4 acres (16 dunam), and comprises a Logistics Center, laboratories, offices, and yard operations. The Logistics Center's storage space is 12.5 meters (approximately 41 feet) high, spread over 10,400 square meters (approximately 2.5 acres).

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Kfar-Saba Site

מתחם כפר-סבא טבת

This site is located near the Teva Pharmaceutical plant in Kfar Saba's east industrial zone.

The site area covers an area of approximately 2.5 acres (10 dunam), and comprises a Logistics Center and yard operations. The Logistics Center's storage space is 8.0 meters high (approximately 26 feet), spread over 5,000 square meters (approximately 1.2 acres). The Logistics Center includes storage at normal temperature, as well as two warehouses with air-conditioned storage and computerized Temperature and Humidity Control systems.

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